7 Course Omakase

Yuzu Ice Shaved Hyogo Oyster
Stunning combination of yuzu shaved ice paired with the Hyogo oyster, creating a harmonious blend of citrusy and oceanic flavors that are truly invigorating.


Abalone & Uni Seasonal Sashimi
Live Abalone and fresh Uni with seasonal sashimi and Shoyu Foam


Crabshell Miso Umami Bomb
Luxurious blend of Kani Miso topped with Amaebi Shrimp, Ikura, and Quail Egg, creating a delectable symphony of tastes that will captivate your palate.


Caviar Bubble Cold Somen
Experience the burst of luxurious decadence with each bite of the Caviar Bubble Cold Somen.


A5 Wagyu Steak
Savor the pinnacle of carnivorous delight with the A5 Wagyu Steak.


Lobster Uni Cream Claypot
Succulent Lobster with Japanese Rice and Uni Cream Sauce baked together in a traditional claypot to give you a heavenly waft of amazing flavours and umami.


Mille Crepe Cake
A slice of delicate masterpiece of thin crepe layers stacked high and adorned with a velvety cream filling.



$88++ per pax