7 Course Omakase

Osetra Caviar on Ankimo
A Luxurious combination of Magnum Opus Caviar on top of Monkfish Liver pate, the Foie Gras of the Seas


Mozuku Oyster Shot
Delicious when paired with Oysters, Mozuku is also an algae superfood that gives you great skin, hair, nails and helps you lose weight


Seasonal Sashimi with Uni & Shoyu Foam
Fresh Seasonal Sashimi and Uni airflown from Toyosu with Shoyu Foam


Grilled Live Scallop in Shell
Irresistible Hokkaido Scallop meat in Scrumptious Hot Soup in Flaming Shell


Ribeye Steak with Bone Marrow & Sakura ebi
Juicy Beef Steak with Tasty Beef Marrow all on one dish


Overflowing Ikura and Salmon Don
Salmon Lovers’ Dream that happens to be a delicious concoction of Omega DHA



$88++ per pax