Uni Gallery was set up and designed specifically with you, our guest, in mind. Although we endeavour to serve food that is of the same quality that you'd find at fine-dining establishments, we chose a casual environment so that you could come comfortably dressed-down should you so decide to. Our furniture is cosy and comfortable so that you’ll enjoy your time here that little bit more with your friends and loved ones.

You will find that our prices, although not cheap, are reasonable when you consider the quality of what we offer. We aim to provide fine-dining quality food at accessible prices.

Our chefs constantly create new dishes even though our menu is already large. Less popular items may be discontinued while we add new dishes to the list. This way our menu becomes of increasingly higher quality over time.

We love our staff and they know it. This love is passed on to you, our guest, when we serve you – whether from the kitchen or on the service floor. We are sincere in our service because we want what we do at Uni Gallery to be important to you, as a place where you can enjoy good food and drink in a most welcoming environment. This is our calling, as a restaurant.